Introducing the most powerful and activating experiences I've ever created

Are You...

  • An ambitious, visionary woman who has a deep desire for energetic expansion, vitality and true fulfilment?
  • A woman who's ready to unleash her limitless potential and receive next level wealth, impact and freedom?
  • A woman who's ready to awaken her embodied feminine leadership and call-in her bold vision with ease, joy and flow?

It's time to expand your energetic capacity to receive all your heart's desires

In This 12 Week Expansion Experience, you'll learn how to:


    Release what's holding you back, heal unresolved trauma, fears, drama, attachments, stories, suppressed emotions, stuck energy, and self-sabotage patterns holding you back from stepping into your greatness.


    Align your energy and frequency to magnetically attract all you desire.  Learn Self-nourishing habits and rituals for optimum vitality and sustainable energy. Cultivate deep self-worth and self-trust.  Feel harmony on a cellular level - body, mind, gut, heart, womb, soul. 

    Align your values and activate your bold vision.


    Embody and awaken your powerful feminine leadership from within, get intimate with all parts of you, integrate your shadow and roles come back to wholeness. Be vulnerable, speak your truth and be magnetic in your messaging.


    Expand your energetic capacity to hold and receive. Regulate your nervous system, build emotional resilience to stress and trauma. Quantum leap and reap the rewards of next level joy, abundance, impact and freedom.


    Receive your heart's desires.  Open your heart, surrender, allow emotional intimacy, play, pleasure, presence, power and prosperity.  Magnetise relationships, soul clients, & opportunities to create sustainable wealth and scale with ease.

True Freedom and Success is an inside job. Our internal world creates our external world. The depth of your relationship with yourself directly reflects the quality of your relationships, health, wealth, and business success.


I bring together a powerful combination of health, mindset, somatic embodiment tools, and resources to ensure you are fully supported to thrive.  


Imagine waking up living your dream life, feeling like a Queen.  You have electric energy, you love your body and have a fulfilling relationship, your business is thriving and you're surrounded by powerful, like-hearted, women that truly see you, celebrate you and mirror back to you your magnificence.

This 12-week Expansion Experience IS for you if you’re:

  • Ready to step into your power and stop hiding, sabotaging, and procrastinating.

  • Here for big things, ready to get FUN-comfortable and choose LOVE over fear.

  • Desiring clarity, certainty and confidence to call in and create your bold vision.

  • Here to leave a legacy, give back and empower others with your courageous leadership.

  • Desiring more presence, peace and connection with your body and true self.

  • Ready to take your energy and vitality to a whole new level.

  • Ready to call in the most fulfilling relationship, business and wealth without sacrificing your time or health.

  • Ready to choose yourself, quantum leap and have it ALL now.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You want to keep choosing your excuses over results

  • Aren't ready to invest in yourself and the life you deserve

  • Are happy being in the same place next year and the year after that without moving forward to claim and own your destiny.

I have truly up-levelled my leadership, abundance and business success. Kazz has a heart of gold and will hold you to your highest potential.


Lyndsay Lee 

Health Coach and Branding Queen 

My confidence, self-expression and aligned brand message has allowed me to receive next level income and impact. I feel vibrant and unstoppable. Thankyou Karolyn.

Suhani Vaiyda

Trauma Coach 

From surviving to thriving and receiving $10k days!

Thank you for believeing in me from day one. Being in Karolyn's vortex has been priceless.


Suzie Cobden

Spiritual Healer and Nanna

Meet Karolyn

Karolyn brings her unique combination of naturopathy and embodied leadership coaching to guide you home to your true self. Allowing you to remember your value, renew your vitality at a cellular level, to build emotional resilience and uplevel your holistic success. Owning your power and voice, you’ll take up space and be seen leading the way for many to also trust themselves fully, shine their light bright and create a legacy.


Karolyn has been an entrepreneur for over 5 years, created multi-6 figures, spoken on stages inspiring thousands globally, lived in Bali, hosted courageous leaders' events, summits, podcast and retreats. She has taken huge risks and quantum leaped many times over, allowing her to dream big and choose faith over fear.


 Relationships have been her kryptonite and also her greatest gift to heal and evolve into the courageous, powerful version of herself. 


Understanding trauma and healing the nervous system has allowed her to feel safe, calm and connected in her body to call in next level success. She teaches simple somatic practices to allow you to move from surviving to thriving with sustainable energy, wealth and joy.


Expansion Experience


The 90-day Expansion Experience includes:

  • Online training portal
  • 2 x Group coaching calls per month

  • 1 x 1:1 Epigenetics / Naturopathy/ Vision session 

  • Online breathwork and sound healing session

  • Access to Karolyn on Voxer 3 days a week for laser 1:1 coaching, love and support.

  • Celebration Ceremony.


Experience VIP


Payment Plans Available and Bonus for Paid in Full

The 90-day Expansion VIP Experience includes:

  • 90-day Expansion Experience
  • 4 x 90 minute 1:1 sessions 
  • 1:1 Gene Keys, Human Design and Epigenetics session.
  • Access to Karolyn on Voxer 5 days a week for laser 1:1 coaching, love and support.


Expansion Immersion


The 6 month Expansion Immersion Includes:

  • ​Expansion VIP
  • VIP 1:1 and group coaching for 6 months
  • Retreat, or In-home Immersion with Karolyn (meals, next level adventure, sauna, icebath, cacao, tonics, biohacking, strategy & magic all included)
  • Access to her resources, design team and network. 
  • Limitless access to Karolyn on voxer for laser coaching, lots of love and support.


If you’re an ambitious, visionary woman who’s ready to unleash your true potential, activate your bold vision, create a magnetic brand, heal your nervous system so you can expand and receive the wealth, vitality, love, joy, pleasure and holistic success you deserve. All while being surrounded by a like-hearted sisterhood cheering you on. 

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